Process Returns Quickly & Efficiently

Manage Your Returns with our RMA Features

Designed to work in unison with our warehouse and inventory management features to keep your operations in synch with your return processes. Quickly and easily create Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) records and automatically notify your customers with the necessary paper to send back the merchandise.

Process your RMAs easily by quickly locating the RMA ID and Order ID. Review the merchandise and decide to dispose or return the merchandise to your active inventory. Other controls such as Restocking Fees, Return Warehouse, Reason Codes are all available to use as well.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Create RMAs for specific line items on an Order, and automatically send instructions to your customers on how to properly process a return with you.

Return Reason Codes

Indicate in Lead Commerce why the merchandise is being returned to identify product problems or manufacturing issues.

Return Warehouse

Determine the warehouse you want the merchandise returned to.

Inventory Handling

Indicate whether to remove the items from inventory or return them to stock.

Restocking Fees

Have Lead Commerce automatically calculate any restocking fee or other charges for returning items back to you.

Process Notifications

Automatically email your customers when the merchandise has been received back at the warehouse and indicate how your business handles the credit process.

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