Sales Channels

Organize & Track Orders from Multiple Sources

Consolidate your orders and run your operations more efficiently

If your business is like most, chances are you take orders in multiple ways. From fax, email and phone to web and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Sales Channels capture and organize your orders quickly and easily, allowing your business to scale and grow without issue.

Sales Channels can also be configured to support multiple different brands within your company or to facilitate complex shipping and payment rules, when being imported in. All of these options are available, when using Sales Channels in Lead Commerce.

Consolidate Orders

Connect ecommerce websites, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and other order sources and consolidate all orders in Lead Commerce.

Flag Orders

Using Order Attributes, you can create custom filters and flags to highlight orders that need a second look before processing.

Apply Rules

Use Sales Channel Rules to control which warehouse will fulfill certain orders, which order templates will be used and if customers will receive order emails.

Smart Ship

Remove the step of configuring shipping and let Lead Commerce auto select the best shipping provider and class based on rates.

Bulk Processing

Process and fulfill orders based on a specific Sales Channel allow you to prioritize orders before others.

Custom Templates

Select specific order templates by sales channel allowing you to run multiple brands or businesses from Lead Commerce.

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