Security & Compliance

Security is a Partnership

Your Data is our Primary Concern

Your data requires a secure environment to keep your business running strong. To achieve this, it is vital that everyone involved clearly understands the processes and the proactive and reactive measures that need to be put in place. That's why, at Lead Commerce, we believe that security is the main reason you go with a cloud (SaaS) application.

We utilize the latest ISO standards to deliver an enterprise grade application infrastructure to every single one of our customers. We understand you're trusting us with your business data, and we take every known measure to secure, backup and store your data for any circumstance that might occur.

ISO Standards

We use the latest ISO 27001 standards within our Rackspace managed data centers.

PCI Compliance

Lead Commerce is PCI Complaint which means your customers credit card data is 100% secure from hackers.

Data Backups

Your data is backed up on local data center servers as well as tape drives which are driven 100 miles away for disaster recovery purposes.

2-Part Authentication

Our servers require any access to be verified with two steps in order to make changes or gain access to any customer data.

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