Stock Keeping Units (SKU)

Use SKUs to Track your Inventory Levels

Lead Commerce allows you to track your products inventory with stock keeping units or SKUs. Each variation in your product equals one single unique SKU. If you have your own SKU system already, you can import those unique numbers into the system using our CSV import feature.

Best of all, Lead Commerce is a multi-warehouse inventory management solution. This means you can track the same SKU across multiple physical warehouses or locations across your business.

Complete Inventory Tracking

Lead Commerce tracks your SKUs across six different dimensions of inventory; In Stock, Committed, Available, Backordered, On Order and In Progress.

Multi Warehouse

Track your inventory across mulitple different locations and indicate specific locations and stock level alerts per warehouse.

Stock Level Alerts

Automatically determine which SKUs have a low stock level based on your criteria per warehouse.

Batches (Limited Shelf Life)

Track perishable or limited shelf life SKUs and see how much shelf life is left for certain lots of inventory.

Stock History

Track the transactions that have effected your SKU inventory levels over time.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Lead Commerce will track your COGS from the Batch level, giving you near perfect gross margin and COGS calculations, based on landed costs, labor and more.

Inventory Adjustments

Perform one-time adjustments of inventory or do a bulk inventory and bring in multiple adjustments per SKU using our CSV import.


Use Purchase Orders to purchase and then receive inventory for particular SKUs. Track your vendor purchases per SKU using the Cost History tab.

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