Support Tickets

Capture and Track Customer Issues with Support Tickets

Track & Consolidate your Support Operations

Lead Commerce provides a completely integrated Support Ticketing system as part of our order management software solution. You can create and monitor your customer support processes in one single area, improving your response and escalation times, leading to improved customer satisfaction levels.

Support Tickets can be created by support staff or by the customers themselves, allowing you to service your customers 24/7/365. Support Tickets also alleviate issues such as duplicate effort and escalation, by displaying all current Support Tickets with certain status' and last response data in one single view.

Create & Update Tickets

Create unique ticket IDs for your customers and track the progress of you tickets over time.

Record Responses

Track your responses and your customer's responses in the Comments section of each Support Ticket.

Customer Portal

Provide a secure web-based area for your customers to track and respond to their tickets from your website.

Last Commented By

Quickly see which tickets your support staff has responded to, and which ones have last been commented by your customers.

Custom Fields

Add additional filters and custom data fields (Attributes) to the standard Support Ticket interface.

Filter by Status

Each Support Ticket is assigned a status of either Open, Pending or Solved. Use the built in Status' to track the progress of a ticket from start to close.

Canned Responses (FAQs)

Create a set of FAQs and reuse these over and over again when new or existing customer ask the same question or voice the same concern. You can add multiple FAQs to a single response or comment.

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