Move inventory from one warehouse to another quickly & easily

Move Inventory Across Multiple Warehouses

Warehouse Transfers allow you to take inventory from one warehouse and move it internally to another location. Additionally, each location will show both the positive and negative actions of the Transfer in the SKU Stock History section.

With powerful inventory rules and allocation handling, you will also never have situations arise where inventory is being reported as being available, but in reality is being transferred internally to another warehouse.

Source & Target

Choose which Warehouses you plan on pulling inventory from and which one will receive the new inventory.

Draft then Submit

Lead Commerce Transfers allow you to create your Transfer as a draft and review the items prior to submitting it to the system, avoiding errors and inaccurate transfer requests.

Receiving Items

To receive Tranfer items in the target Warehouse, simply drill into the Transfer and click on the Receiving section.

Eliminate Over Allocation

Transfers only allow you to move inventory that has not been allocated to orders, thereby avoiding over committments or over selling problems.

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