Work Orders

Use Work Orders To Track Your Labor and BOM

Track Bill of Materials and Labor Costs Using Work Orders

If you manufacture or make your finished products, then Work Orders are a useful way to track the raw materials and labor that are used to produce your goods.

Using Work Orders in Lead Commerce allows you to track the raw materials or components that make up a finished good. These raw materials or components are commonly referred to as your Bill of Materials (BOM) and can be associated to products in the back office of Lead Commerce using our Assemblies technology.

Start & Completion Tracking

Indicate the required start date and completion dates for specific work orders.

Warehouse Location

Allocate specific Work Orders to different Warehouse locations within the system for proper station or tool scheduling.

Custom Fields

Add additional data fields for your Work Orders to track internal and external information for documents and reporting purposes.

Custom Templates

Control the design and information on your Work Orders and Tasks documents to assist in the process and manufacturing steps.

Barcode Workflow

Barcode the Work Order Template to allow for automated updates of Work Order completion and Tasks.


Automatically update groups or individuals within your business of new Work Orders or Tasks assigned to them for processing.


Create single or multi-task Work Orders and assign those to one or multiple people within your company.

Real Time Labor & BOM Calculations

Track both estimated and real costs across your work orders for both labor and your Bill of Materials (BOM).

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