Lead Commerce Infrastructure Upgrade



Lead Commerce will be preparing for an upgrade to our infrastructure beginning on August 5th with completion of all upgraded hardware and software concluding on Saturday, August 31st. Once this upgrade is done it will:

- Improve the security of your data
- Allow increased business scalability and performance
- Provide faster response times for orders and databases access

We have prepared a list of FAQs below to help answer any questions you may have regarding this upgrade, however, if you still have concerns, please feel free to reach out to your account manager and support team for more details.


1) Why is this upgrade being performed?
All software infrastructures need to be upgraded from time to time to provide our users with the best experience possible. We are simply improving our current infrastructure and there will not be any difference in the software once the upgrade is complete.

2) Do I have to have my Lead Commerce deployment upgraded?
Yes. This upgrade is impacting all users of the Lead Commerce system.

3) When will my Lead Commerce deployment be upgraded and at what day and time?
There will be announcements periodically to alert you to timing as we get closer to the August date. Look for those alerts in your back office and let us know if you have any concerns.

4) Can I schedule when I want my Lead Commerce deployment upgraded?
No. We will provide you with the date your system will be upgraded in your back office or a support team member will contact you directly to let you know your scheduled date and time.

5) Will these upgrades be done in the middle of the day when my business is open and running?
No. All migrations are planned to be done overnight in the early morning hours EST. This will ensure limited if any impact on your business. We anticipate that the vast majority of our clients will have no idea that the upgrade is completed but, in the unlikely event that you experience a delay or an issue, we will be on hand to assist and ensure that no data is lost and any issues are mitigated quickly.

6) What will my customers see when they go to the B2B portal OR my website?
Once again we doubt that there will be an issue due to the timing of the upgrade but in the unlikely event that a customer logs onto your site and we are in the process of upgrading your system there will be a static page informing them that the site is down for maintenance and will be back online within an hour.

7) How long do you expect the upgrade to take for my deployment?
The migration of your data and website should not take more than an hour to do and in some cases, it could be even quicker.

8) Will I lose any data?
No. Your system will have all of the same settings, users, roles, products, orders, etc. You will not be losing any data in any way.

9) How are you handling any App Connectors during this time?
Your App Connections or any custom API calls you have developed will remain intact. There will be a delay in orders being imported during the downtime. Once the system is back online orders will begin to flow as they normally do.

10) What if I have an SSL certificate?
We are developing a migration path announcement for any customers who have deployed an SSL Certificate. Look for instructions on how this process will work in a forthcoming announcement.

11) What if I still have questions?
We will be providing more information as the process continues; however, if you have any immediate questions are concerns, feel free to reach out to your dedicated account manager or email [email protected]


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