Lot Tracking Software

Manage your Lot & Serial Numbers with Lead Commerce.

Barcode Scan in your Lot and Serial Numbers

Our Lot tracking software allows you to scan in Lot and Serial values using any standard barcode scanner.

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Track Perishable (Limited Shelf Life) Items

Our inventory software can track your SKUs at the "batch" level. This allows you to date your inventory with both a date of manufacture and expiration date.

SKUs are broken down into different batches so you can quicky see what portion of your inventory has a limited shelf life remaining.

You can also run an inventory report to see which batches have expired or filter by percentage remaining.

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Track Production or Assembly Products

Our inventory software creates Work Orders for the items that you carry that must be assembled prior to shipping.

This is extremely helpful for items that require pre-configuration or that pull inventory from other items to make the finished product.

Using our software, you can create as many "Assembly" products that you need and build work orders (bill of materials) to create the finished product.

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Complete Traceability of Serial and Lot Numbers

If you use 3rd party logistic (3PL) companies or you manage your warehouse(s) yourself, our software has you covered.

Orders can be fulfilled from multi-locations based on default locations or shipping rules.

Best of all, each location is tracked at the SKU level, so you can see what locations are low or high on inventory for that particular product.

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Lot & Serial Reporting & Analysis

Our software allows you to report on and build custom inventory reports across all of your products and SKUs.

Each report can be exported out to your favorite programs like Excel and Google Spreadsheets with one click of the mouse.

Reporting can also be tied directly into other 3rd party applications that you use like Quickbooks, SAGE, MAS90 and more.

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Kits & Bundle Lot Tracking

Kits and Bundles allow you to create products that contain other products when ordered (think gift basket).

Each time a Kit or Bundle is ordered, the individual inventory associated with the Kit or Bundle is recorded to keep your inventory in synch.

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Transfer Lot Inventory from Warehouse to Warehouse

Lead Commerce allows you to track inventory in as many locations as you need.

If you have one central warehouse and distribute your products out to different locations, that's no problem for our software.

Warehouse transfers handle in store purchases as well, where customers pay for the items in one store, but pick them up in another.

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One Consolidated View of Lot & Serial Numbers

With one click you can see all of your SKUs, stock levels and inventory.

As orders come in and purchase orders are issued, inventory is updated in real time.

Never experience short stock or over buy situations again.

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