4.2.42 Release Notes

Released: 2/20/2016

The 4.2.42 release focused on additional infrastructure upgrades to improve performance of the overall infrastructure of Lead Commerce. Additionally, there were minor enhancements to the overall interface and product maturity improvements.


  1. Changed Default Location to Bin Location on the Stock Level section of SKUs.
  2. Added new Drop Ship warehouse to all SKUs. This allows users to see the current inventory values of any Drop Ship POs in the system to better understand their inventory levels and values.
  3. Added new Drop Ship value in the Warehouse column on Purchase Order table to easily identify Drop Ship Purchase Orders versus Stock POs

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Upgraded the way Drop Ship POs are handled in database.

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