4.2.46 Release Notes

Released: 4/8/2016

The 4.2.46 release was a maintenance release for Lead Commerce. Here is what was enhanced, changed or fixed:


  1. New/Edit Invoice window: Notes does not allow carriage return
  2. Invoice: Log actions in the History
  3. Checkbox attribute with multiple numeric values did not allow for value based imports

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. When creating a transfer, product search says "at least 3 characters must be typed" at first
  2. WO table list: Complete column, numbers are incorrect
  3. SKU sales history records cancelled line item as shipped.
  4. Invoice template: Date Placed field time is 3 hours later
  5. Cat loop in FLEX appears to truncate after 50 records
  6. Inactive/Archived addresses from Payments section
  7. Custom Payment Methods were showing incorrect Payment status' when canceled
  8. International Tax Region does not hold State field.
  9. Batch Unit Cost - Using Case Pack
  10. SKU import: Minimum stock warning
  11. PO Discount and Upcharge descriptions displaying in Vendor Part Number
  12. PO: Edit Upcharge window displays incorrect headings
  13. Work Orders - Task Window Not Closing on Save and Close
  14. Drop Ship Warehouse Becomes Unmapped When Updating Vendor Record

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