4.2.48 Release Notes

Released: 7/23/2016

The 4.2.48 release concentrated on improving the shipping workflow of Lead Commerce. Specifically, the application now allows users to select the Shipping Provider and Shipping Class on the Create Fulfillment screen. This improvement also works in conjunction with two new Sales Channel Rules; Default Small Package Type and Default Large Package Type. These new settings help to improve the use of Bulk Processing by allowing orders to automatically create the Fulfillment Record and also select the Shipping Provider and most economical Shipping Class; thereby eliminating the need to drill down into each order to configure shipping.

Additionally, the software now works with a USB scale to allow you to weigh shipments on the Fulfillment screen prior to shipping. This allows users to get the exact weight of the shipment rather than relying on the default dimensions on the SKU in Lead Commerce. For more information on setting up Lead Commerce with the scale server, please see the support article Setting up a scale to use with Lead Commerce.

New Features

  1. Create Fulfillment now allows users to pick Shipping Provider and Shipping Class on New Fulfillment screen.
  2. Sales Channel Rules section now has new drop down menu Default Small Package Provider
  3. Sales Channel Rules section now has new drop down menu Default Large Package Provider
  4. New Get Weight option (button) next to the Override Weight field in Fulfillment edit screen


  1. New Inventory Value column added to the SKU Report Type in the Reports area.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Purchase Order payment method if cancelled would show payment status of Paid in Full
  2. Vendor Update API had response issues. These have now been resolved.

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