4.2.49 Release Notes

Released: 9/10/2016

The 4.2.49 release focused on improvements to the back office, code improvements and enhancements and an update to the new barcode scanning.

New Features

  1. Barcode Scanning was added to the back office in the quick links menu located in the top right hand corner of the back office.
  2. Ability to now search for RMA IDs using the search box on the Sales/Orders screen
  3. Sales Channel Rules section now has new drop down menu Default Large Package Provider
  4. New Get Weight option (button) next to the Override Weight field in Fulfillment edit screen
  5. Added new barcode tags for templates on Packing Slips, Order Summary, Purchase Orders and Work Orders


  1. TRANSFERS: Get SUM of all Batches in a Warehouse Transfer was improved to handle display issues displaying lower inventory levels
  2. FLEX: Added ability in FLEX to force a specific inventory level for a specific Customer Type
  3. FLEX: Added ability to force SKUs being purchased from the ecommerce checkout to allocate to a specific warehouse
  4. SEARCH: Improvement to the Search capability of Lead Commerce. The Back Button now provides users with the ability to maintain their original search and result set across the entire back office.
  5. REPORTING: Introduced new column on the Sales Report which provides for the Total Order Weight of an order in the back office.
  6. REPORTING: Added new column on SKU report types for Total Inventory Value based on aggregate Batch values

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. API SKU update had issues with response codes
  2. Vendor Update API had response issues. These have now been resolved.
  3. Fixed issue with Bulk Processing when using the Single Item and Multiple Item filtering on the Criteria section
  4. Added additional delays on double clicking windows to ensure double clicks do not cause data integrity issues in the database tables
  5. Removed ability to cancel a Drop Ship PO through the PO drill down screen. Drop Ship POs must now be canceled at the Sales Order level to ensure accurate inventory drop ship warehouse levels.

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