4.2.55 Release Notes

Released: 1/3/2017

  • [LC-496] - Fixed Issue with Egypt State Display Name Special Characters
  • [LC-497] - Sales History for Kits not displaying correct order status
  • [LC-498] - Products Report Not Filtering by Product Type Correctly
  • [LC-504] - Work Order Quantities with Fractional Inventory Were Rounding Improperly
  • [LC-505] - Update Vendor Upon Save conflicting with new warehouse validation
  • [LC-506] - Added Email address validation on customer create to handle longer TLD extension names
  • [LC-508] - SKU API Method for info_batch was returning 500 error
  • [LC-437] - Added Bulk Process ID to Fulfillment table on Order Drill Down screen
  • [LC-489] - Order Fulfillments now have Added Alert when total of line items selected EXCEED weight limits per shipping Provider
  • [LC-500] - Added Ability to create Sub-Assemblies of Assemblies
  • [LC-501] - Ignore Address Validation now allows Users to pick UPS and FedEx without a verified Address
  • [LC-502] - API Now supports Auto-Address Validation when importing orders from 3rd party marketplaces and platforms

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