4.2.56 Release Notes

Released: 2/4/2017

  • [LC-511] - Fix line item status on sales history not correctly overriding pending with backordered.
  • [LC-512] - Vendor Custom Report fails when using "Vendor Name" column
  • [LC-514] - Export does not move to confirmation screen
  • [LC-515] - Add table lock when generating display ids
  • [LC-521] - Admin email only works on first sales channel
  • [LC-526] - Case pack batch per item cost incorrectly calculated
  • [LC-527] - Order Export Results - SKU
  • [LC-509] - Update cert.pem file for authorize.net
  • [LC-523] - Move case_pack TRUNCATE from sales.lc to catalog.lc
  • [LC-524] - Update order modified timestamp when status is changed
  • [LC-525] - Update API documentation on info_products to point to orders/info_products, not products/info_products
  • [LC-387] - Add new columns to Sales Report
  • [LC-434] - Add custom attribute columns to custom reports
  • [LC-503] - Quickbooks Export
  • [LC-456] - add column on sales reports for tracking numbers on each fulfillment

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