4.2.65 Release Notes

Released: 8/7/2017

  • [LC-616] - Added Support for Multiple UPS, FedEx, Old Dominion and USPS Shipping Provider Accounts
  • [LC-673] - Added Shipping Provider Class to Default Shipping Provider Installation
  • [LC-609] - Added Override Weight Option to Create Fulfillment Screen
  • [LC-638] - Added 3rd Party Billing Interface to Create Fulfillment Screen
  • [LC-657] - Enhanced Package Type Handling Rules for FedEx, UPS, Old Dominion and USPS
  • [LC-659] - Enhanced RMA Shipping Cost Handling & Reconciliation
  • [LC-660] - Enhanced ACH Payment Section on Customer Drill Down
  • [LC-661] - Add dimensions to package types
  • [LC-662] - Improved Notes Saving Functions on Fulfillments
  • [LC-664] - Allowed for Custom Provider Names when Creating New Live Shipping Provider Accounts
  • [LC-665] - Added New Shipping Provider Records to Display on Criteria of Bulk Processing Drill Down
  • [LC-670] - Enhanced Old Dominion Shipping Provider API Section to allow for Account Number
  • [LC-671] - Improved Label Margin Data Saving Function
  • [LC-674] - Improved Label Dimensional Data on Email Print Version of Shipping Labels
  • [LC-675] - Added FedEx, UPS, USPS Provider Types to Handle URL Tracking in Shipping Confirmations
  • [LC-676] - Enhanced Provider Credentials Saving Function
  • [LC-677] - Enhanced Shipping Provider Credential Fetching
  • [LC-678] - Added Old Dominion Email Shipping Confirmation Function Including Pro Number Tracking to URL
  • [LC-679] - Enhanced Override Weight Datatype for Old Dominion

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