4.2.70 Release Notes

Released: 10/12/2017


  • [LC-706] - Payment Options Unavailable in Shopping Cart for $0 Products
  • [LC-716] - Add restraints on length of attr name field / increase slug length
  • [LC-722] - Enhanced Kit Order Status Handling
  • [LC-731] - Fix ACH payment gateway on store checkout
  • [LC-732] - Custom attribute tags not populating on Invoices
  • [LC-735] - Reallocate inventory when changing warehouse on shipping section for non-inventory SKUs
  • [LC-739] - Category Template will not update
  • [LC-741] - Added Additional Validation on Order Importing and Smarty Street Validation Handling
  • [LC-746] - Save Changes AFTER Transfer has been RECEIVED changes Transfer Status back to PENDING


  • [LC-719] - Auto Invoicing
  • [LC-729] - Saving Alternative ID sets the status to Inactive
  • [LC-730] - Improved Date Validation on Order Import
  • [LC-733] - Enhanced Functionality: Do Not Set Commit Status for Kit Parent Line Items
  • [LC-740] - Improved Kit Configure Shipping Line Item Handling
  • [LC-745] - Enhanced Kit Variations and Non Variation Stock Level Displays

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