4.2.71 Release Notes

Released: 12/1/2017

  • [LC-772] - Added table locking to WO task completion to prevent block corruption
  • [LC-776] - Improved New Category import handling of special characters
  • [LC-749] - Added Additional Validation Rules on Transfers Saver
  • [LC-750] - Added New Category and Subcategory Import
  • [LC-751] - Enhanced Alternative Order ID Attribute on the Order Attribute Table to Not Display
  • [LC-758] - SKU History Enhancements
  • [LC-764] - Improved billing address mapping to order export
  • [LC-765] - Improved GSO Tracking Algo to limit to 18 characters versus allowed 20
  • [LC-770] - Added quicklinks to SKU line items on work orders.
  • [LC-748] - Enhanced duplicate addresses handling when saved on customer records UI
  • [LC-761] - Improved fractional quantities on Bill of Materials import process
  • [LC-769] - Enhanced Invoice creation interface
  • [LC-771] - Improved Constrain Function of BOM SKU reference table on Work Orders to applicable warehouse
  • [LC-773] - Improved line item quantity validation on order products to evaluate when saving
  • [LC-774] - Improved Change Quantity handling on Shipped Line Item status
  • [LC-775] - Added table locking and transactions to inventory allocation functions to preserve data integrity
  • [LC-783] - Enhanced Inventory Turnover Report for Canceled Line Items on Shipped Orders
  • [LC-788] - Enhanced JS RMA Processing
  • [LC-790] - Enhance Product Type Section Filtering Logic
  • [LC-794] - General Reporting SQL Improvements
  • [LC-795] - Improved calculate shipping option to allow for new unfulfilled line items
  • [LC-798] - Improved Return Reason Display on RMA Template
  • [LC-712] - Added subcategory limit to 50 child subcategories

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