4.2.72 Release Notes

Released: 1/6/2018

  • [LC-820] - Improved Old Dominion Pick, Pack and BOL (Label) Handling
  • [LC-815] - Enhanced Override shipping Calculation Handling on Invoices
  • [LC-811] - Added direct download/print of shipment documents on final screen of Pack and Ship window
  • [LC-816] - Added new Document dropdown menu on Email option in More Menu on order drill down screen
  • [LC-803] - Temporarily increase of subcategory limit to 300
  • [LC-807] - Multiple Fulfillment Consolidation for Invoices and Manual Single Fulfillment Single Invoice Option on Pack and Ship
  • [LC-825] - Changed Batch section to "Lots" throughout application interface
  • [LC-802] - Improved kit line item validation when calculating order summary ship address.
  • [LC-809] - Added Shipping Cost as Single Line Item option on Order Export
  • [LC-821] - Retired "overlay" option on Sales Order Line Items and Purchase Order line item edit window
  • [LC-823] - Improved Task Completion Validation to prevent over-completion of work orders
  • [LC-827] - Enhanced discount calculation distribution on invoices.

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