4.2.74 Release Notes

Released: 4/28/2018

  • [LC-893] - Added Warehouse Filtering on main SKU table
  • [LC-916] - Enhanced fulfillment block validation
  • [LC-923] - Fixed issue where SKU rows would not appear in Catalog Report if they had no stock history
  • [LC-924] - API Order Post
  • [LC-930] - Improved BOM SKU validation in Product Import
  • [LC-867] - Enhanced Product Type Variation Validation
  • [LC-890] - Added "Category" and "Subcategory" filters on SKU Report
  • [LC-891] - Added Warehouse Filtering on Lot section of SKU drill down
  • [LC-892] - Added New Subcomponent for Distributor
  • [LC-894] - Added discount column to products section on Quotes and Sales Orders
  • [LC-895] - Added Estimated Delivery Date/Time - FedEx
  • [LC-896] - Added new Purchase Order Filtering
  • [LC-899] - Moved Modify Assembly and Disassembly action buttons to specific tabs
  • [LC-900] - "Print Pick List" button on Products screen of Transfers
  • [LC-901] - Added Lot, Custom Lots, Serial Number and Dates as columns on PO Report
  • [LC-905] - New Report Type: Warehouse Report
  • [LC-906] - New Report Type: Transfers

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