4.2.76 Release Notes

Released: 5/26/2018

  • [LC-951] - Enhanced Shipping Calculation Handling and Class Handling on B2B Checkout
  • [LC-959] - Added ability to force Credit Memo on B2B Checkout
  • [LC-967] - Enhanced PO Print Dialogue
  • [LC-968] - Improved Pagination Calculation on SKU table
  • [LC-969] - Improved load time of lot tab on inventory drilldown
  • [LC-970] - Improved Tag loading on Sales Order template
  • [LC-971] - Improved Transfer template tag handling
  • [LC-972] - Added Handling for Transfer template tags for shipping classes
  • [LC-973] - Improved Lot tab AJAX load times
  • [LC-974] - Enhanced SKU table loading times
  • [LC-922] - Added Barcode Scanner on Receive PO Over QTY Handling
  • [LC-954] - Improved SKU Catalog Reporting
  • [LC-835] - Added New Category Add To Cart to FLEX
  • [LC-865] - Improved Shipping Calculations when Placing Orders via B2B Checkout
  • [LC-932] - Added New Maximum Stock Level to SKU Warehouse Stock Levels section
  • [LC-934] - Added Validation for No Contact on Vendor on Vendor search of PO drill down
  • [LC-936] - Added Regional Rate Boxes to USPS
  • [LC-937] - Added ability to Receive a RMA in Barcode Scanner
  • [LC-961] - Allowed for non-validated addresses to be passed into orders through API
  • [LC-963] - Added Business Name on Order Payment Export File
  • [LC-964] - Added Payment Status on Orders/Quotes Table
  • [LC-965] - Added System Template Tag - Customer Owner
  • [LC-966] - Added System Template Tag - Empty Loop Cell

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