4.2.79 Release Notes

Released: 8/11/2018

  • [LC-1026] - PO should not apply as a payment on quotes
  • [LC-1030] - Removed third-party account number from shipping calculation
  • [LC-1033] - Removed shipping method filtering on fulfillment rate calculation
  • [LC-1034] - Added Additional COGS Calculation Logic for new Assembly BOM SKU Calculation Type
  • [LC-1035] - Improved Low Stock Levels
  • [LC-1042] - Removed inactive warehouses from warehouse dropdown in order returns colorbox
  • [LC-1043] - Improved Bulk processing auto-invoicing
  • [LC-1056] - Improved query for fetching block levels in Inventory Manager
  • [LC-1057] - Improved singular invoice sending from Order More Menu as PDF
  • [LC-1059] - Improved customer address defaults
  • [LC-1003] - Enhanced sales tax calculations on orders being placed from the B2B portal
  • [LC-1008] - Improved fractional return amounts on RMAs
  • [LC-1019] - Improved Transfer shipping label validation and error messaging
  • [LC-1038] - Enhanced Invoice payment payment status'
  • [LC-939] - Added Tax Regions Import Export option in More Menu
  • [LC-945] - Converted All Uploaders to HTML 5 from Flash
  • [LC-946] - Added logic to automatically add a new warehouse to all current Vendor records
  • [LC-948] - Improved Carriage Return Across ALL Search Products colorboxes
  • [LC-950] - Added Combine same line item in B2B portal add to cart into single line item
  • [LC-1002] - Improved Display Tax for Upcharge/Discount calculation
  • [LC-1004] - Added validation and messaging when searching products not mapped to origin warehouse
  • [LC-1011] - Added PO Receipt Export Type to PO Export
  • [LC-1012] - Added Invoice Export Type to Sales Order Export
  • [LC-1014] - Added new Lot Report Type in Custom Catalog Reports
  • [LC-1016] - Enhanced Sales Tax Calculation when using Order Level Discounts
  • [LC-1017] - Improved how payment status is calculated on orders
  • [LC-1023] - Added system user to history table when PO receivement/receipt is created
  • [LC-1029] - Added New Calculation Type for BOM SKU on Assemblies
  • [LC-1037] - Enhanced Region/Country Address Handling for Additional Required Fields for International Labels
  • [LC-1051] - Added new Customer Sku Sales Report
  • [LC-1053] - Changed Filter button on table levels to Purple
  • [LC-1055] - Improved Defaults on Addresses
  • [LC-1040] - Added "Business Name" column to Order Payment Export
  • [LC-1046] - Added customer attributes to invoice templates
  • [LC-1049] - Added [[consolidated-kit]] tag to invoice template.


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