4.2.89 Release Notes

Released: 1/19/2019

  • [LC-1195] - Enhanced Company Array Loading on Create Company
  • [LC-1200] - Enhanced Negotiated Rate Display Value for UPS
  • [LC-1201] - Added SQL for User Role Warehouse Mapping Table
  • [LC-1189] - Added Warehouse Filtering Section on User Roles
  • [LC-1196] - Added New Warehouse Role Filtering on Stock Levels on Product Search
  • [LC-1197] - Added New Role Based Filtering on Adjustments
  • [LC-1198] - Added Warehouse Filtering by Role for Transfer
  • [LC-1199] - Added New Role-Based Filtering on Work Orders
  • [LC-1191] - Updated SKU Import and Export Options for QB Item ID and Use QB Item ID Setting
  • [LC-1192] - Add Default Currency to Vendors similar to Customer Types settings

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