4.2.94 Release Notes

Released: 3/15/2019

  • [LC-1240] - Added Logic to Handle Cancelled Fulfillment Records Not Displaying Ship Date on Order Export
  • [LC-1243] - Fixed Drop Ship PO has "Place PO" button after receiving causing "Pending" status
  • [LC-1248] - Warhouse Typo on PO Import
  • [LC-1249] - Customer Import/Update, Improve Company handling.
  • [LC-1252] - Enhanced Company Import Update Handling
  • [LC-1253] - Fix Licensing Section Session Hanging
  • [LC-1259] - Sales Adjustments Option on Roles
  • [LC-1258] - Added New LC Internal ID Tag to Pick List & Packing Slip
  • [LC-1261] - Updated SKU Stock Levels API for Aggregate Values

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