4.2.96 Release Notes

Released: 4/6/2019

  • [LC-1267] - Add Lot Mapping on Order Returns
  • [LC-1268] - Add Function to Update Fulfillment Warehouse for All Items on an Order
  • [LC-1269] - Sort Warehouses Alphabetically - On Purchases Orders and Transfers
  • [LC-1270] - Order Lot Mapping tab on Transfers to match Products tab
  • [LC-1271] - Improve Search Functions on Transfers - "SKU" and Transfer date ranges.
  • [LC-1272] - Improve Search Functions on Work Orders - "SKU"
  • [LC-1274] - Add Custom Lot Column to the Adjustment Table on SKU
  • [LC-1275] - Add custom search field for “BOM LOT” that will search custom lot field.
  • [LC-1276] - Add additional lot information on the “Edit Receivements” section of a PO

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