4.2.34 Release Notes

Released: 7/22/2015

This release includes a number of enhancements to payment providers and the way we validate customer addresses.


We have enhanced our Address validation and now allow for custom payment providers and methods.

  1. Ignore Validation for Customer Addresses
  2. New Icons to show type of address on customer and orders
  3. Automatic Metadata capture for validated address
  4. Manual Metadata on validated address
  5. Customer API now includes metadata
  6. FLEX now support font type woff2
  7. New Column available on Support Tickets called "Last Comment"
  8. New setting on user roles to allow for "Ignore Address Override".
  9. Enable creation of Custom Payment Methods
  10. FLEX product loop now allows for created and updated as order by
  11. New API "Pages" available in V2
  12. FLEX Setting "Validate Addresses" for storefront address. Enabled by default automatically for all clients.
  13. New flag on custom payments to prevent payment to apply to Order balance.


  1. API Micro timestamp now supports larger numbers
  2. Postal Code Extended now supports up to 10 characters
  3. Moved User Role Flags from Details to new Section called Rules
  4. "Whole Role Link" is now enabled by default
  5. Creating a Vendor now requires at least 1 warehouse selected
  6. Purchase Order (Payment Method) no longer applies to Order Balance.
  7. Customer Address table now shows in one cell.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Inventory Transfers Counts were display incorrect inside product search
  2. Calculate Shipping inside orders would throw error for cancelled line items
  3. Custom Report Sums were incorrect when output was over 2500 records
  4. Orphan Blank Line in Custom Reports when over 2500 records
  5. Product CSV update threw error when not type casted properly against API
  6. Added more tooltips
  7. Issue with FLEX category loop not pulling in page attributes
  8. Payment Methods has been moved to V2 History Collection
  9. Issue on Mac OS hitting control S on orders would make 2 orders
  10. Full System Reset was causing issue with Duplicate Vendor Product Type Mapping

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