4.2.35 Release Notes

Released: 8/7/2015

This release addressed a variety of things such as a few new features, changes to the application on how some rules perform and a variety of bug fixes and performance updates. Some of the biggest highlights are tiered pricing. This feature allows to set a price per SKU per Customer Type. This new feature can be setup through the SKU interface, using a CSV update/create or even the API. This has already been integrated into all storefronts and back offices. One big change in this release is how Quotes are displayed. They are now broken into its own section and no longer part of Orders. As always, you can still create a Quote from an Order. A few new rules available to our users is the new "Allow Custom Pricing". This rule can be setup on User Roles and can force a user to use system pricing and prevent a system user from setting their own price for the customer. Feel free to read below of all the changes in this release.


  1. Added link on version number in back office to link to release notes on Lead Commerce.
  2. Setup fee and monthly fee as separate line items on signup.
  3. Added tiered pricing to API "skus/info". Additional notes can be found on the sku/info API page.
  4. Added tiered pricing to API "skus/update". Additional notes can be found on the sku/update API page.
  5. Added tiered pricing to SKU CSV export per customer type. This will be price and min per customer.
  6. New section on SKU called "Tiered Pricing". This feeds data based on the Customer Type.
  7. Incorporated Tiered Pricing into storefront, FLEX, and backoffice pricing.
  8. Added tooltips on Line Item Edit on an order.
  9. User Role setting "Allow Custom Pricing". This will prevent a user without permission to use system defined pricing only.
  10. Flag on line item edit on Orders called "Use System Pricing". This will use system discounts and pricing for the line item. If unset, this will allow for custom price.
  11. Discount on order for line item is now tied to user role role "Allow Custom Pricing".
  12. Added toolips to the System Roles Rules section.
  13. Added new subcomponent on backoffice called "Quote". This is automatically enabled for all User Roles that had access to Orders by default.
  14. Lead Commerce Notifications have a new look and have the ability to cancel out messages per user.
  15. Added toolips to the "User Preferences" and "Login" sections under System Users.
  16. Added "Donated" as a new Product Condition.
  17. Added Net 1 for Vendor Terms.
  18. Refunds allow for custom payments to be used as a refund payment.
  19. CSV Customer Import now supports update.
  20. CSV Lead Import now supports update.
  21. Additional notes in Order History about shipment changes.
  22. New API "Support Tickets". This is available in V2 API and this api contains: info, list, id, create, create_comment, info_comment, and update. For more information, click here to read the documentation about Support Ticket API.


  1. Validation on Dropship PO will not allow for PO against vendor without an active contact.
  2. License no longer says "Rapid Financing Balance". It now shows account balance and monthly subscription fee breakdown.
  3. Setup fee and monthly fee as separate line items on signup. This is no longer a combined value.
  4. Custom Reports allowed to be ran without saving, this is no longer allowed.
  5. Creating new user, whole role link is checked by default.
  6. Moved Saved message and warnings down 81px from original position (below save changes button)
  7. Order History now will record the line item number in the notes.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Issue with SKU search were some customers were having issue searching iwth Overlay SKU.
  2. Saving new Lead through backoffice and creating a new company would not save the attributes.
  3. Enhanced URL for pages and products to remove full domains for relative path automatically.
  4. Word limit on product description and comment would leave no spaces with ol or li html tags. The function will now add a space for display purposes.
  5. Some non Latin Characters were not showing properly in some browsers on region and subregion dropdowns.
  6. Internal performance enhancements.
  7. Added validation on CSV product import/create for overlay id duplicates.
  8. Fixed issue where long tooltips within popup would appear cutoff in some browsers.
  9. Fixed inactive addresses edit was showing dropdown as active when record was inactive.

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