4.2.36 Release Notes

Released: 9/4/2015

In the 4.2.36 release, many smaller enhancements were done to help mature the product and ensure a better usability for our customers. One of the biggest highlights is fractional inventory. Before, Lead Commerce supported whole numbers only. As of this release, the software supports up to 4 decimal places for inventory. These controls are 100% controlled on the product type. The new controls will also allow for your storefront to allow for partial ordering of quantities as well. By default, fractional inventory is not enabled and will need to be enabled per product type. Please note, to make use of this new feature, the product type must not contain any inventory levels. Feel free to read below of all the changes in this release.


  1. On the product type, there are 3 new fields: "Use Fractional Inventory","Inventory Decimal Places" and "Storefront Fractional Quantity". By enabling these, inventory can be treated as a decimal up to 4 decimal places.
  2. New filters on Support Ticket API. New filters are "customer_response_only" and "customer_awaiting_response".
  3. Added Lot Number to preferred batch dropdown on fulfillment and inventory adjustments. These will show in a parenthesis
  4. Added new batch condition called "Scratch and Dent"
  5. Stock Level API has a new filter "product_type"
  6. Made system messages close by clicking anywhere instead on the (x).
  7. Added Net 150 to available vendor terms.
  8. Added Payment Tags for Order Templates. This will pull in the customers billing address.
  9. New debug tool for FLEX theming and storefront issues. Click here to read more.
  10. Under Flex settings, new section called Customize Text. This will allow for system text on storefront to be editable. To learn more, click here.


  1. Moved System Messages in back office to bottom of the screen.
  2. Calculate Shipping in back office now will give shipping provider error from UPS, FedEx, and Stamps.com instead of generic error.
  3. Print Order in Order drilldown in back office was pulling email template, it now pulls the Order PDF template.
  4. Made API are no longer caps sensitive.
  5. Maintenance Mode viewing in storefront has a new look.
  6. Performance updates
  7. Changed vendor terms to be sorted alphabetical in dropdown.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Running a system reset or customer attribute was showing multiple mapping (display issue) on customer type attribute mapping screen.
  2. On SKU, update timestamp was not updating on create on some popups.
  3. Custom Sales Report, defined custom SKU was not filtering results.
  4. Template Tagging system was returning random characters for empty attributes for some customers.
  5. Lead Table level last updated timestamp was returning blank for some records although a value was defined.
  6. Order Fulfillment API was producing an error for some status update even though status ID was correct.
  7. Sales Report COGS was returning null for drop ship orders.
  8. When entering an invalid max price on Catalog Reports, it cause the report to become incomplete.

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