4.2.37 Release Notes

Released: 9/16/2015

In the 4.2.37 release, it focused on enhancing the Order Templates by offering a variety of new tags and templates. That includes a new Order Print Template and a Order Line Item Product Label Template. Both of these templates are completely customizable and available in the more menu on an Order.

For all existing clients, your existing Order PDF template were used as your new Order Print Template. We released a new template for the product labels on each of your existing templates.


  1. Pick List, Packing Slip, Tracking, Order Summary, Returns, and Labels now allow for use of Customer Attributes.
  2. New Tag on Order Summary Product loop called "per-item-price". This is the item price before the quantity is applied to the line item total.
  3. New field on Order Summary called "Order Summary Print". This template can be called in the more menu on a particular order when "Printing" the order.
  4. New section on Order Templates called Labels. This template can be called when printing product labels in the more menu.


  1. Updated interface on all template tags section to include an easier to read format.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Issue on reports where some emails were not sending when there were no records found. This was only happening on particular customer emails.
  2. When running a SKU report, gross margin was being calculated as 0 when it was set to blank. Blank should be treated as an ignore.
  3. Download RMA button on Pending Return on chrome browser was returning blank tab.

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