4.2.38 Release Notes

Released: 10/7/2015

In the 4.2.38 release, it focused on building a variety of new tools to allow for additional business logic on orders and customer rules. This release added some new capabilities to the software such as multi currency, enhancements to our order notes, API enhancements, updates to some existing reports and a new support ticket report. Lead Commerce now supports 58 different currencies.


  1. New Customer Custom Report type for "Support Tickets".
  2. Version 2 API create/update will return the id, title, and backend_tag for all records created and updated. This id is the Lead Commerce ID number to be used with other APIs.
  3. Custom Order Report now support a new column "Alternative Order ID".
  4. New Info API for Order Returns.
  5. Ability to set back office currency. By default, it is set to USD.
  6. Ability to set back office currency representation. By default, it is set to symbol.
  7. Customer Types now support multi currency.
  8. Stripe payment gateway now supports multi currency.
  9. Custom Customer Report now supports new columns for address, year to date sales, and last order date.
  10. New Flag on customer record for tax exception. The customer type must support tax exemption. API and CSV Import also support this flag.
  11. New fields on Customer Drill down records called "Default Order Notes" and "Default Payment Notes". This will be copied onto an order when placing followed by a notice.


  1. PO Qty Overlay when passed as 0, would show 0. When set to 0, overlay will not be used.
  2. PO vendor search will now allow for multiple contact search vs the default flag search. Auto POs will continue to use the default contact.
  3. Custom Order Report "Order ID" column no longer shares logic with alternative Order ID.

Product Maturity

We are constantly trying to make our product the best system available to our users. Here is what we fixed or enhanced this time around.

  1. Issue with drop shipping POs where warehouse data was not propagating customer address properly for custom PO templates.
  2. Shipping Sub component Stamps.com API section, Flat Rate Shipping flag was not showing as false after selecting it as true.

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