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Change Log for Lead Commerce

4.2.57 Release Notes

Released: 2/18/2017

Release Notes - Lead Commerce - Version 4.2.57 Bug [ LC-463 ] - Product Type on Update [ LC-519 ] -…

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4.2.56 Release Notes

Released: 2/4/2017

[ LC-511 ] - Fix line item status on sales history not correctly overriding pending with backordered. [ LC-512 ] - Vendor Custom Report…

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4.2.55 Release Notes

Released: 1/3/2017

[ LC-496 ] - Fixed Issue with Egypt State Display Name Special Characters [ LC-497 ] - Sales History for Kits not displaying correct…

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4.2.54 Release Notes

Released: 12/15/2016

This release was focused on adding a new native Vendor import and export option to Lead Commerce. [ LC-495 ] - Built new…

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4.2.53 Release Notes

Released: 11/30/2016

[ LC-377 ] - Updated Lead Commerce for Download Last Run [ LC-478 ] - Added Import Validation for Kit SKU Inventory Adjustments …

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4.2.52 Release Notes

Released: 11/25/2016

[ LC-470 ] - Importing SKU update [ LC-473 ] - Fulfillments Not Allowing for New Fulfillments to have different shipping providers once shipped …

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4.2.51 Release Notes

Released: 11/15/2016

Release Notes - Lead Commerce - Version 4.2.51 [ LC-453 ] - Added Validation for Cancelled Fulfillment During Packing Process Using Barcode Scanner …

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4.2.50 Release Notes

Released: 10/28/2016

Release Notes - Lead Commerce - Version 4.2.50 [ LC-247 ] - International vendor contacts does not hold State field [ LC-350…

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4.2.49 Release Notes

Released: 9/10/2016

The 4.2.49 release focused on improvements to the back office, code improvements and enhancements and an update to the new barcode scanning. New Features …

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4.2.48 Release Notes

Released: 7/23/2016

The 4.2.48 release concentrated on improving the shipping workflow of Lead Commerce. Specifically, the application now allows users to select the Shipping Provider and Shipping…

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4.2.47 Release Notes

Released: 5/28/2016

The 4.2.47 release includes new features, code fixes and other enhancements. Here is a summary of this release: New Features Ability to…

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4.2.46 Release Notes

Released: 4/8/2016

The 4.2.46 release was a maintenance release for Lead Commerce. Here is what was enhanced, changed or fixed: Improvement New/Edit Invoice window:…

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4.2.45 Release Notes

Released: 3/23/2016

The 4.2.45 release includes enhancements to existing features and bug fixes. Improvement Added Case Pack Name for PO templates in Product Loop…

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4.2.44 Release Notes

Released: 3/16/2016

The 4.2.44 release includes enhancements to existing features and performance upgrades. New Added new section called Case Pack on the SKU drill…

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4.2.43 Release Notes

Released: 3/6/2016

The 4.2.43 release includes some additional enhancements to drop ship handling as well as our new invoice feature. New Added new Invoice…

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4.2.42 Release Notes

Released: 2/20/2016

The 4.2.42 release focused on additional infrastructure upgrades to improve performance of the overall infrastructure of Lead Commerce. Additionally, there were minor enhancements to the…

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4.2.41 Release Notes

Released: 2/13/2016

The 4.2.41 release focused on major performance improvements to our import and export utility found in the back office. New New five-digit…

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4.2.40 Release Notes

Released: 2/6/2016

The 4.2.40 release focused on improvements to the user interface of the back office, new features and functionality and stability and performance upgrades. New…

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4.2.39 Release Notes

Released: 10/16/2015

In the 4.2.39 release, it focused on a variety of internal updates and bug fixes. This was a stability release. Changes Internal security updates…

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4.2.38 Release Notes

Released: 10/7/2015

In the 4.2.38 release, it focused on building a variety of new tools to allow for additional business logic on orders and customer rules. This…

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