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How to Add a Discount/ Upcharge

This support article will discuss how to add a discount or up-charge to an order.

Step One:

Navigate to the Sales tab.

Once an order has been created, or from the order screen, on the Products tab you can locate the green Add Discount or Add Upcharge buttons.

Step Three:

In this example, we will be applying a discount and will select the green Add Discount button. The Add Discount window will populate (screenshot below)

Step Four:

Discounts and upcharges can be applied in both dollar and percentage amounts, which once specified LC will calculate and apply for you. These discounts and upcharges can also be designated as taxable or not by selecting the "Taxable" radial box.

Once you have made your desired changes, select Save and Close

You should now be able to see the applied discount on the Products > Details tab.

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