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How to Configure & Use FedEx OneRate

FedEx OneRate is a special service offered by FedEx that will first require that you are setup with FedEx to receive those rates. Once you are setup with FedEx and would like to add those options your Lead Commerce deployment, you can follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you have not yet configured and used the original FedEx connector, you should do that first. Setup FedEx For Lead Commerce

Configuring FedEx OneRate

Step 1) Navigate to Sales>Configuration>Shipping Providers

Step 2 Create a new Shipping Provider called "FedEx OneRate" with the 'Provider Type' of "FedEx".

Step 3) Click Save

Step 4) After clicking Save the "Use OneRate" option will appear. Click that box. Click Save again.

Step 5) Navigate to the "API" tab and complete your FedEx details. This will be the same information in your current FedEx Shipping Provider, so you can copy and paste in from there. Click Save once complete.

Step 6) Navigate to the "Shipping Classes" tab and make any Classes that you won't use with FedEx OneRate inactive.

You do this by clicking on a line, and then setting the status to Inactive from the popup window and clicking "Save and Close"

Step 7) Navigate to the Packaging tab and make inactive ALL existing any packaging types that you won't use with FedEx OneRate.

Click a Package Type, then change the status to "Inactive". Save and Close.

Step 8) Create the following package types. Make sure to copy the 'Package Name' exactly as written. You will input 0 for 'Package Base Weight' and 'Packaging Material Weight'. You can create all, but only need to create the packaging types that you will be using.



You now have fully configured FedEx One Rate.

Note: that you do not need to add FedEx OneRate to the Sales Channel or Customer Type as we are not able to calculate the accurate shipping cost until the packaging type has been selected. Since this will only be done on the Fulfillment side of things, it is not necessary to have it appear on the Shipping tab.

Using FedEx OneRate

When creating a Fulfillment, select FedEx OneRate as the shipping provider, and select the Class that you want to use.

On the Advanced tab, you will need to select the Package Type from the drop down.

You can continue with the Fulfillment as you normally would.

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