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How to Create a New Refund Payment Method

This support article will discuss how to create payment methods and make them available upon processing a refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to notice that currently in Lead Commerce you cannot process a refund directly to a credit card account via a third party such as Stripe.com. You will need to go through your third-party account to accomplish this, however to to indicate in the system how the REFUND was processed, you would follow the steps outlined below.

Step One:

You will be creating a new "Custom" Payment method by going to Sales > Configuration > Payment Methods.

From there, click on New Payment Method and name it what you like. For example, "Test Method 1" or "Stripe Manual"*

*Again, this will not ACTUALLY create the credit, however, it will allow you to indicate in the system how the REFUND was processed.

Select Save Changes.

Step Two:

Make sure you also check all of Customer Type settings as well to ensure your payment methods still look the way you want them to.

Navigate to Customer Tab> Configuration > Customer Types.

Save your changes.

Step Three:

Now you can process your refund with the new Payment Method available to you. More information on how to process a refund can be found here.

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