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How to create a purchase order (PO)

This support article explains the steps on creating a purchase order and receiving inventory on a purchase order.

Step 1:
Go to Catalog > Inventory > Purchase Orders

Step 2:
Click the Create PO button

Step 3:
Search for the vendor you want to place a PO with and then click on the contact name (PLEASE NOTE: If you search for a Vendor and none appears, ensure that you have at least one contact for that Vendor).

Step 4:
Save the PO as a Draft using the Save as Draft button on the right. Next click on the Products section and the Products Search button (blue)

Step 5:
Once you have searched and added the SKUs to your PO, select the "Close" button.

Step 6:
Place the PO

Step 7:
To Receive on your PO, navigate to the Receiving section of the PO and click the Receiving button (green)

Step 8:
Select the line items and quantities for each line and then select Save and Close to receive your items.

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