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How to Generate Shipping Documents

This article will discuss how to use the direct download feature to generate shipping documents straight from LC.

This feature allows you to download shipping labels, pick lists, and packing slips and save images as PNG files as well as ZPL version, embedding the PNG or JPEG into the ZPL file. This allows for greater convenience and flexibility, as the user does not have to leave the program to obtain shipping documents, but also has the option to have them sent/saved to email.

Step One:

First, there must be a complete order with an active FULFILLMENT. Navigate to the order's fulfillment tab (Sales>Orders>Fulfillments).

Step Two:

Select Pack and Ship. From here, you can select which process you would like to run. You can run these as many times as you need, and can also choose to switch off the e-mail confirmation.

Step Four:

A window will populate with a notification that your shipping documents are being generated and made available for download. As they become available, the buttons will turn blue. You can directly download these documents straight from this window.

NOTE: If you do not have an active shipping provider on the fulfillment and are using a custom shipping provider, no shipping label will be generated.

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