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How to Issue Vouchers

This article will discuss how to use the voucher feature in Lead Commerce.

Vouchers are a way of providing your customers with the ability to purchase goods and services from your Lead Commerce storefront. They are similar to Promotional Codes in that they are entered during the checkout process, however, Vouchers function differently in that they can only be used once and do not provide any rolling balance for future use. This is different than a Promo Code as they are typically used multiple times by multiple customers. A Voucher can only be used once per order.

If you navigate to the Marketing tab, you can use the voucher feature to generate codes for specific amounts/customer types, choose the date ranges (expiration dates), minimum order amount it can be used on in order to issue a limited amount of codes to your customers.

Step One:

Navigate to the Marketing tab (Marketing>Vouchers). Select Create Voucher.

Step Two:

This is where you can designate the name of the Voucher set you are creating. This name should typically reflect the set of Vouchers you are creating. For example, if you are creating a set of Vouchers for Groupon or Amazon Daily Deals, you might call the Voucher Name Amazon or Groupon.

Once you designate the name, you must select at least one customer type the voucher will be made available to.

Step Three:

Under the Rules tab you can designate the start and end dates. The Start Date is the date that this Voucher can be first used. If no date is selected then the date when this Voucher is first created will be the Start Date. You can also choose the minimum order amount ( the minimum amount that a user must have during checkout in order for the Voucher to work).

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