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How to Use Purchase Order Vendor Returns

Step 1: Log into your Lead Commerce Back Office

Step 2: Go to your "Catalog" module, Select "Inventory" and then "Purchase Orders" and look for the PO in which you want to create a return.

Step 3: Click on the correct order record

Step 4: Look for the Vendor Returns tab and click on the green "New Vendor Return" button

Step 5: Choose the line item(s) and quantities that you want to return.

Step 6: On the "Advanced" tab, you can enter info under "Vendor Return Alternative ID" (In the event the Vendor has provided you with a RMA# or another reference number.

Step 7: Choose the Warehouse that you will be returning the item from. NOTE: This does not have to be the original warehouse that the item was shipped to and received into. In the example shown here, we have a product that was returned by a customer into our "Returns" warehouse, so we will return to the vendor from that warehouse.

Step 8: Click the orange "Save and Close" button

NOTE: If you do not have the item in stock in the selected warehouse, you will receive the error message as shown below.

Once the return is saved, it will be available under the Vendor Returns tab on the Purchase Order where you can see the summary and the status.

Step 9: When you are ready to process the return, click into the return and choose the purple "Process Return" button. NOTE: You can also select the "Advanced" tab make any changes if needed.

Now the Vendor Return has been completed and you will see the Status on the return has been updated to "Returned"

If you click to the "Products" tab, you will see that the line item now has a "Returned" quantity that matches the return we completed.

If you drill into the SKU that was returned and click on the "Adjustments" tab, you will see the adjustment entitled "Vendor Return Credit"

If you click on that credit and then click on the "Notes" tab, you will see the system generated Return ID listed there.

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