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How to use the Thermal Printing option

This support article discusses the proper way to use the Thermal Printer Option in Lead Commerce.

Step 1:
If you have not already done so, review the support article on configuring and testing your thermal printer with Lead Commerce.

Step 2:
When using a thermal printer to print labels from Lead Commerce, the label type will be base64. This is very different from a normal html image version of the label that you might print off to your inkjet printer. Thermal printers require base64 images to print properly. Therefore, you cannot use an HTML version of the label and print that to your thermal printer. To ensure that you specifically want to print to a thermal printer, we have created a checkbox on the Fulfillment screen that says Print to Thermal. This option, when selected, will send you the base64 version of the label which you can then print to your thermal.

Step 3:
An important note to consider is that you also CANNOT print your Pick List or Packing Slips on a thermal. Therefore, you will not be able to mix the two jobs together. Meaning, if you want all three documents, you will need to first request the Pick List and Packing Slip and then request the Shipping Label; ensuring you use the Print to Thermal option when doing so.

The table below describes the proper workflow and steps to ensuring the thermal printer option works for you:

Packing SlipThe Packing Slip will only allow you to print this document to a regular printer. no thermal printer option available.
Pick ListThe Pick List will only allow you to print to a normal printer. No thermal option available.
Pick List & Packing SlipSee description above.
Shipping LabelThis option should be used if you want to print your shipping labels to a thermal printer. This is the ONLY option available that will allow you to select the Print to Thermal checkbox. All other combinations will not allow for this.
Packing Slip, Pick List & Shipping LabelThis option will not allow for thermal printing. Additionally, if this option is selected you will not be able to re-print the label as a base64 file.

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