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Processing Fulfillments in an Order

This support article covers how to break out an order into multiple shipments, or fulfillments. Once you have an order placed with various products with multiple line items, go to the Fulfillments section of the order. Then, click on New Fulfillment. At this point, you have multiple options, you can select all items to be included into one fulfillment, or you can break out the order into multiple fulfillments.

If you check the top level box, this will select all line items and include them all in one fulfillment. Or, you can individually check one or more line items to create separate fulfillments, or shipments.

In the following example, we select only line item 2 to be included in one fulfillment. Then, click on Save and Close.

Notice, when I click on New Fulfillment again, the two remaining items are left in the New Fulfillment window to be selected.

At this point, we select both items to be included in one fulfillment for a total of 2 fulfillments for this order. Or, we could select each item individually and create three individual fulfillments for this order. For ease of this example, we will include both items in one fulfillment. Notice, this order now has two fulfillments.

Once all items have been included in a fulfillment, there will be nothing left to select. As expected, the New Fulfillment window will give a message stating: No Records Found for Fulfillments.

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