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Receiving Inventory in Bulk

This support article covers how to order inventory in bulk, but receive the items the way you will carry, sell or use the inventory.

If you need to order an item or SKU in bulk or in a way that might not reflect how you inventory the item, then you will want to use Overlay on Purchase Orders to indicate the larger ordering size of the item, but then still be able to receive the merchandise the way you use it or sell it.

Step 1:
Create your purchase order and add the SKUs you are ordering to it

Step 2:
Click on the line item(s) you have added on your PO, and then select the Overlay tab

Step 3:
Using the Overlay fields you can enter in a different Quantity, SKU, Variation and these values will show up on the Purchase Order Summary which gets sent to the supplier (vendor). This allows you to order the items in larger sizes with your suppliers, while still maintaining your per unit inventory.

Now these values are reflected on the Purchase Order Summary and paperwork that you can now send to your Vendor (Supplier).

When you go to receive the inventory, you will receive the individual 25 units which is how you sell or use the inventory.

This can be used for Raw Materials or Components that you need to manufacturer items as well.

For example, if you prepare food items and order ingredients in bulk like salt or pepper, you could indicate that you purchased the salt in a two (2) pound bag using Overlay on your POs, but then receive the salt in teaspoons if that is how you plan on using the salt in your manufacturing process.

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