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How to import Vendors

You can import your Vendors using the Vendor Import and Export capability found in the More menu of the Vendors area.

Step 1:
Navigate to Catalog > Inventory > Vendors

Step 2:
Click on the "More" menu button (blue) and choose either Import or Export

Step 3:
If you want to create your Vendors from scratch, then choose Import and then using the Import Type menu choose "Create"

Step 4:
The following fields are required and optional

Field NameRequired OnSupport Notes
Vendor NameCreateThis field is used most commonly on an Import when creating your Vendors for the first time. It does not need to be passed when performing an Import Update job.
Vendor IDUpdateThis is a system generated ID number that is created by the Lead Commerce software automatically.
Contact Name
This is the name of the contact that will end up on your Purchase Orders.
Address 1UpdateThe Address 1 field is what will be used to determine if you are updating a Vendor Contact record already in the database or if this is a new Contact that needs to be added.
Address 2
Zip Code (Zip)
Email Address
Auto Send PO
This option allows you to set the Auto Send PO to your Vendors when a PO is placed in the system. If you want to turn the Auto Send PO on, then use the number one (1) to pass in for "Yes" If you want to turn the Auto Send PO off then use zero (0) in your CSV import file.
Default Shipping Notes
Default TermsCreate
Warehouse IDCreateIf mapping to more than one warehouse then use the pipe delimiter "|" As an example 1|3

Step 5:
Map your columns in your CSV file to the fields in Lead Commerce then process the Import request.

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