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Setup SSL in Lead Commerce

Lead Commerce allows you to order SSL certificates for your custom domain once you have launched your site and are no longer on the goleadcommerce.com domain.

SSL certificates come in many different providers and levels of security. You can pick the level you would like to use, and view the pricing of those SSL certificates prior to purchasing.

The following steps explain how to order an SSL certificate and the approval process:

Step 1:
Log into the Back Office of your domain. This will be your domain name followed by "/portal". For example, www.sample.com/portal. Once you are logged into the Back Office, navigate to:

Settings > Licensing > Subscription Plan

Once on Subscription Plan, then click on the Purchase SSL button

Step 2:
When you select the Purchase SSL button a window will open up with options for you to select. The first drop down menu is the SSL certificate you want to purchase and the second option is the Number of Years you want to purchase the SSL certificate for.

The second tab allows you to view the different SSL options that are available and the options that come with them.

Once you have decided which SSL is right for you, select it in the drop down and click the Purchase SSL button.

Step 3:
Once you have purchased your SSL Certificate, Lead Commerce will send you an order confirmation.

This email indicates that the SSL is now being acquired for you. Once the SSL has been acquired, you will need to verify the ownership of your domain. Depending on the SSL vendor this can take anywhere from 1 hour to a few days to process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have Privacy set on your domain, you will need to create a new email address for your domain called "admin@sample.com". This email address will be used as MOST SSL vendors cannot verify ownership of a domain name unless you either:

A) Do not have privacy on your domain OR
B) Have created an email account called admin@sample.com (where the "sample.com" is your domain name).

You should receive an email similar to the following from the SSL vendor verifying ownership of your domain name:

Once you click on the verify link, you will need to approve this SSL Certificate using the buttons on this page or links provided.

Once the SSL has been approved by you, our system will be automatically notified and we will proceed with the installation of your SSL Certificate on our server.

Step 4:
Once Lead Commerce has configured the SSL on our server you will receive another email asking you to change your A Record at your registrar.

This new IP now needs to be updated on your A Record. Click here for more information on how to update your A Record..

Step 5:
Once you have updated your A Record, it will take about 15 to 30 minutes for the site to serve again. PLEASE NOTE: If you are concerned with downtime for your website, we recommend sending an email to support@leadcommerce.com and scheduling a good optimal time to switch the A Record with us.

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