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Shipping Methods Appear To Be Missing

In Lead Commerce, we integrate with a variety of live gateways such as UPS, Stamps.com, FedEx and more.

By using a live gateway, we will use the starting and ending address along with the package contents and weight to determine the price and available shipping methods. If you were expecting a shipping method that is not showing, please go through this checklist below.

Is it enabled in Lead Commerce?

In Lead Commerce, we let you control the shipping method on the Sales Channel and on the Customer Type. Make sure they are configured to show up for the customer and sales order in question.

Are your weights correct?

Sometimes weight can be a factor as to what can be shipped. For example, if you are shipping using Stamps.com, First Class Priority requires under 13 ounces. If the package is over 13 ounces, First Class Priority will not appear. So, check all of your SKU weights and package weights.

Are your dimensions defined?

Dimensions are important. Some providers want the package size, especially if it is shipping alone. Depending on your dimensions passed (or weight only calculations), this might change what shipping methods are available.

Are your addresses valid and correct?

Make sure your origin and destination addresses are correct. Also, check if the item is shipping alone based on this combination of origin and destination addresses.

Do you use Negotiated Rates?

Sometimes, providers have negotiated rates. Make sure you setup Lead Commerce with your negotiated rates and account numbers. If you do, find out what shipping classes your negotiated rate allows for.

Is flat rate shipping enabled?

Some providers have flat rate shipping. If enabled on some providers, some classes might become unavailable.

Is their any known delays because of weather, international disputes, or holidays?

Sometimes, some shipping methods are not available because of storms in certain regions. Sometimes holidays create backlog and shipping providers slow down one method or disable it. In these cases, you can call the provider and they can provide further information. Typically this is posted on their website.

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