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Shopify Connector Go-Live

This support article discusses how to go live with your Shopify connector and Lead Commerce deployment.

Resetting Orders

When "going live" as a new client, you may elect to "Reset" your Lead Commerce sales to start with a clean slate. When doing so, we typically reset your connector sales as well to ensure that there is no legacy test data. Be sure to communicate the timing with the support team.

There are two important things to note when resetting orders:

1. You will want to backup your inventory levels prior to the reset and check the values afterwards.

2. Some orders on Shopify have "pending" payments (where the payment may take hours or even days to authorize). As these may "fall through the cracks" as a result of your reset, it is important to monitor the Shopify sales channel itself to make sure that you do not miss any orders.

Best Practices

1. Be sure to review the Lead Commerce Go-Live checklist.

2. Backup all Shopify products, inventory levels, and sales prior to launch.

3. Backup all Lead Commerce products, skus, and inventory levels prior to launch (even if not performing a reset).

4. Monitor sales & shipments extra close in the first week after launch.

5. Wait a week or more to turn inventory sync on where possible to get more comfortable with Lead Commerce.

6. Update any SKUs in Lead Commerce as soon as possible if you discover you have mis-mapped a SKU to a Shopify variant.

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