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Training Topics

Training TopicOverviewDurationVideoExam
Creating ProductsThis training covers the basics of creating Simple Items, Kits and Assemblies. It also reviews creating products using import CSV files.1 Hour
Updating SKUsThis training covers how to export SKUs out of Lead Commerce. It also covers performing inventory adjustments.1 Hour
Purchase OrdersThis training covers creating Purchase Orders (POs) and then receiving POs. It will discuss the use of Case Packs, Lot Tracking and some other more advanced capabilities of the purchasing module in Lead Commerce.1 Hour
Order ProcessingThis training covers the different order status' of Lead Commerce and what they mean. It also shows how to filter down orders based on status and understand which orders can be shipped, which orders require inventory and more.1 Hour
Fulfillments and ShippingThis training covers how to identify orders that can ship in the main orders table. How to start the Pick and Pack process. How to weight shipments, configure classes of service and ship orders, receive and print shipping labels and update your customers with tracking information.1 Hour
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)This training covers how to review a customers record, see previous orders, see open invoices, view address information and change customer profile settings.1 Hour
ReportingThis training teaches you how to create your own reports, pick your criteria and export data based on custom time ranges.1 Hour
Work Order and Manufacturing TrackingThis training covers how to use Work Orders in the tracking of manufacturing processes in Lead Commerce. This is an Advanced Session. Please contact your sales account manager for more information.2 Hours
Sales Channels (App Connectors)This training covers how to manage multiple Sales Channels within Lead Commerce. Covers updating App Connector information and what each field requires in order for App Connectors to work properly. This is an Advanced Session. This training is only available to App Connector customers.1 Hour

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