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What comes first - Products, warehouses, or vendors?

NOTE: You must have successfully created and imported a sample product file into your Lead Commerce Back-Office prior to reading this article

The Lead Commerce Back-Office offers users incredible detailed control on every sku within its database. It is with this knowledge, we often come across "the chicken and the egg" scenario or "what data goes in to Lead Commerce first?"

Follow these roles:

Add data into your Lead Commerce Back-Office in this order and you'll stay on-top of the Product Import game!

1 - WarehousesMake sure to set up your Warehouses in order to have your Products inevitably attached to them
2 - VendorsMake sure to set up your Vendors so that you can order your Products
3 - Attributes within the Catalog ModuleIf you require Lead Commerce to store information not already within the system, you'll need to add these in advance of a full product import
4 - Variations****Specifically used for e-Commerce, create variations to support sub-products. (eg: color/size etc.) so that they can be imported in with your new product data
5 - CategoriesSimilar to variations, unless used for e-Commerce or internal tracking, categories should be assigned prior to per-product import
6 - Product TypeLead Commerce allows it's users to segment products into product types. Each product type can have it's own rules. In addition, users can create new and alter existing product types to suit their businesses. Note that the product type "Retail Products" are set up as the default product type however this can be changed.
7 - ProductsAfter you have carefully detailed your warehouse locations, vendors, attributes, and product types within the Lead Commerce Back-Office it will be possible to create and master a successful product file import

Final Note: Each Sub-Component listed above has very unique rules of what it needs before you can save and move onto the next item. Make sure to supply as much real data as needed per area so that Lead Commerce does all the work for you, not the other way around.

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