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Why Can't I Create SKUs Independently of Products?

This support article will discuss why SKU's cannot be created individually of Products within Lead Commerce.

Within Lead Commerce, there is a very important relationship between Products and SKU's, which breaks down into a parent (Product)-child (SKU) relationship. This means that within Lead Commerce, the Product is the higher level behaving component on which details are defined, and the SKU is simply the stock-keeping-unit used for inventory tracking within the program. When creating the Product, the product then creates the SKU.

1. When creating Products within Lead Commerce, you are able to define variations, categories, and SEO information on a product - options unavailable on the SKU level (which is strictly the inventory tracking unit).

When creating things such as variations on a product, selling a T-Shirt in small, medium, and large sizes for example, each size variation then creates it's own SKU for the purpose of tracking that individual inventory.

Each variation has a separate SKU, corresponding to that size variation. This cannot be accomplished on the SKU level.

2. Other higher level behaviors are defined on the Product level as well, such as Categories, Vendors, and SEO/URL settings, which again are not created on the SKU (inventory tracking).

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