Kiss the Spreadsheets & Clipboards Goodbye

Lead Commerce makes inventory, warehouse and order management so easy you might just cry — tears of joy and relief, of course.


Lead Commerce Integrates Seamlessly With Basically Everything (Yes, It’s That Flexible)

Lead Commerce
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The Most Complete and Customizable Solution on the Market


Consolidate order information from all of your e-commerce platforms. Optimize your fulfillment process from A to Z. Use data insights to maximize efficiency and boost margins across the board.

Lead Commerce gives you the tools to do all of this and more. And do it more easily than you ever thought possible.

No two businesses are alike. Lead Commerce can be customized to work however you want, for a software solution that fits your business like a well-tailored suit.


Our simple, clean interface and intuitive design provide the best user experience in the industry.


Lead Commerce is a true cloud-based solution. This means simple, ultra-fast access from anywhere, on any device.


We work hard to ensure we understand your business, so that we can deliver the best solution possible.


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All the Features You Need to Run and Grow Your Business


Gain total visibility into every facet of your inventory. Stay right-sized with accurate forecasting and customizable workflow automations.

  • Track stock levels based on In Stock, Available, Allocated, Committed, Backordered, On Order and more
  • Serial Inventory Tracking
  • Kitting Inventory
  • Fractional Inventory Tracking
  • Assembling Inventory
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs) Inventory


Always know what’s where, and in what quantity. Maximize efficiency and minimize fulfillment time and holding costs.

  • Issue Purchase Orders (PO) to receive inventory from vendors
  • Set Bin Locations to Receive
  • Print Putaway Documents to manage receiving
  • Create PO Receipts to reflect landed costs like tarrifs and shipment fees
  • Transfer inventory from one Bin location to another or from warehouse to warehouse


Consolidate order information from across the web. Sort and filter based on custom labels. Lead Commerce gives you full control over the entire sales process.

  • Quickly place sales orders and quotes
  • Filter sales orders by custom labels and status
  • Bulk Ship Orders
  • Bulk Invoice Orders
  • Bulk push Orders to Ship Station
  • Bulk Apply Payments to Sales Orders


Powerful and intuitive invoicing & billing features integrate directly with Quickbooks for simple accounting.

  • Bulk Apply Payments to Sales Orders
  • Create Invoices based on automated workflows and rules
  • Control every aspect of the sales order and invoice process
  • Use Card on File for customers who buy from you frequently
  • Post invoices and sales orders to your Quickbooks to maintain your financial statements

Businesses Lose the Headaches and Gain Control With Lead Commerce

“I would recommend them to any business who is still using spreadsheets and needs to start tracking things well.”
“Our business sells fabric so we use this to track fractional amounts of inventory and it has worked great from the start.”
“System is easy to use and get up and running with. Filtering and searching is a snap!”
“We tried a few systems and they all were a little hard to use. Lead Commerce also has the ability to do custom apps which has helped us a ton.”
“With a product like this, you will have questions and the support videos and live support are great.”

Ready to Manage and Grow Your Business the Easy Way?

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