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Turn Your Warehouse Operations Into a Well-Oiled Machine

Maximize Efficiency

Managing warehouse operations effectively requires coordinating complex receiving, picking, packing, storage, and shipping processes. Lead Commerce gives you the visibility and control to maximize efficiency across all of your warehouse locations to minimize costs and make fulfillment seamless.

Optimize Space Allocation

Make the most out of the space you have with in-depth inventory allocation controls. Move stock from one warehouse to another, put best-selling items closest to packing areas, rearrange inventory to expedite receiving, and more.

System is easy to use and get up and running with. Filtering and searching is a snap!
Paul Peterson, Ceo & Founder
We tried a few systems and they all were a little hard to use. Lead Commerce also has the ability to do custom apps which has helped us a ton.
Sara Wilson, Designer
With a product like this, you will have questions and the support videos and live support are great.
Jenna Roundtree, Store Owner
I would recommend them to any business who is still using spreadsheets and needs to start tracking things well.
Brandon Fishman, Freelancer
Our business sells fabric so we use this to track fractiional amounts of inventory and it has worked great from the start.
Jason McCormack, Entrepreneur
Features to Track and Optimize Warehouse Operations

Bin Locations

Track and optimize the exact location of items within a warehouse, and even set the bin location ahead of time for efficient putaway at receiving.

Purchase Orders

Issue purchase orders (POs) to receive inventory from vendors. Create PO receipts to reflect landed costs like tariffs and shipment fees.

Putaway Documents

Streamline the receiving process and keep your inventory organized with printable putaway documents.


Easily transfer inventory between warehouses or from one location to another in the same warehouse to maximize efficiency and improve order fulfillment.

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